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Portland, Oregon: the Multi-Modal City
Extensive street networks with rich, fine-grained commercial offerings and multiple routes through town, extensive bicycle networks, a good transit grid serving not only Portland but the surrounding towns, room for cars and trucks, and a diversified economy blend into a seductive chorus that does indeed entice the timid to ride bikes, and the lazy to walk. We saw young and old, male and female, in proportions far more equal than is typical in our hometown of Los Angeles—or most other US cities, for that matter....

Cars and Contradictions
People think that cars represent freedom. We believe we aren't "free" until we have our driving license, and we resist surrendering our license when we really shouldn't be driving anymore, because without it we lose our freedom. also tie us down. We have to pay the note on the car. We pay for insurance. We pay for fuel. We pay for repairs. We worry about where to park the car. We worry about people damaging our car. We refuse to go to some places because it isn't easy to drive or park there.

Can a Museum Curate Itself?
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art recently announced yet another winner in its seemingly accursed search for a new campus—a search that has been going on for too long now—or perhaps not long enough. The museum's original buildings, a gathering of stately if terminally banal colonnaded cubes just west of the famed La Brea Tar Pits, are more reminiscent of 1960s savings & loan branches than a major cultural institution....

Cowtown vs. Corporate City? Weird Wins....
A letter that appeared in the website NextCity recently touched on the topic of livability in Dallas and Fort Worth. It gave me some sense of amusement because, while feeding the rivalry and pitting one against the other, the real envy was revealed to be aimed at Austin, where weird is king.

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